Posted by: albfor | July 4, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008 | 2nd day in St. Thomas Villa Jamie

July 3, 2008 In flight- St. Thomas

July 3, 2008 Villa Jamie, Back sideVilla Jamie, Twilight the Back side

6:59am/ Got up at 6:00am but plan to rest for about 30 minutes until the rest of the crew wakes up. “Villa Jamie” is a beautiful luxury villas with wonderful panaromic vistas- I love it!

So anyway I woke this morning to the sunshine making its way through the window inviting me to go outside and jump in the swimming pool with wreakless abandon and screem for joy but I didn’t because I’m still having problems uploading. But I’m feeling like the good ole’ days when I was nine years old on hills in parks watching summer clouds in the vast blue expanse overhead carving out creations of the white fluffy stuff.

Last night was great with everyone coming in and getting acquainted, interacting, and eating I took lots of pictures with most of the digital cameras. Bill, Jennifer, Niny, Gary, Dave, Iman, Wai and Peter were having a good time.

Yesterday, Thursday, was a long day starting at 4:30am and ending this Friday morning, for me, around 1:30am I need a few more hours rest and then I will begin uploading the images taken.

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