Posted by: albfor | July 10, 2008

>Thursday, July 10, 2008, 10:30am Cafe Ole’, wifi access and vibing this Cafe is the closest place to being back in the Islands- I miss St. Thomas. Yesterday my plan was to work on the images from the Destination Wedding but one of my buddies called and we took the day off hanging around and about the Rittenhouse square area which turned out to be a very pleasant day off for me.

The plan was to get as much done before Niny and Gary gets back….so much to do. Strange but whenever after months of working with all the wedding planning there’s like this big Post-nuptial letdown not only for the Bride but for the Photographer too. Everyday last week was adrenaline-filled stalking and entertaining the Wedding party in St. Thomas V.I. now here I am back in Philly going through some kind of minimal withdrawal- Deep man….Deep!

It’s a good thing that I have a showing tonight at Project Basho and maybe another Wedding this Saturday or a Group trip up to New York… maybe but I have to check on my finances first.

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