Posted by: albfor | July 23, 2008

>Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 7:49pm, Waiting for burch.

What a crazy day, what a crazy last two weeks after coming off from my last photo shoot in St. Thomas, all I’ve been doing is putting out fires!

I finally got my schedule back into a managable format but my key elements for my personal projects are a little disappointed. I can only apoligize at this time and say that life is so unpredictable that explaining it would be hard to believe I just hope things work out.

Anyway I talked to burch earlier and (her schedule is quite filled and she may have some time for me later) told her that I will stay in the Center city area for about three hours- that was at 5:00pm. It rained on and off during that time period and I thought that it would be great to take some shots in between the rain spell/ fall and during twilight in the Rittenhouse park area.

I went over to Rittenhouse to check out the “normal people” and denizens who frequent the park and started taking shots and then I ran into Ashley…she was just sitting there waiting …waiting there with these striking eyelashes…see let me take some shots it was nice.

So then the rest of the evening was a blur I took shots I hung out with the fellows and we went around town like the old college days …it was brutal after leaving the Rittenhouse area I caught the EL up to 30th street station because I wanted some night shots of the train station in the rain then hooked up with the bothers for the night journey.

Saturday I have the Grid project shoot and then Sunday I have a Major shoot with St. Thomas Church up on City avenue for their Gospel Choir cover album (3rd cover) I plan to take many shots and highly motivate them.

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