Posted by: albfor | July 28, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

8:15am/ Challenged
Just walked Jada, the dog, she’s such a pooping ass thing. My external drive is down, not working, can’t access my data and I have only 7GB of free space on my hard drive I hope it’s only temporary hope there’s just some glitch in the interface. I’ve been remiss in DOUBLE BACKING UP all my data for two months now this is not the first time I have at least 3 other External Hard Drives that are frozen with valuable data (hoping something will come up to retrieve my stuff) that I can’t get to fortunately my last two Photo jobs are on this internal hard drive but most of the personal media jobs are on that external hard drive…bummer! A bigger bummer is that this place that I’m House/Dog sitting is in a dead zone I can’t use my Cell phone.

11:29pm/ Tired
Walked Jada and still working on my HOPE portraiture project more people want their image on the HOPE Journals which is great I’m not sure where it will go.

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