Posted by: albfor | July 29, 2008

>Tuesday, July 29, 2008

8:01am/ Imperturbable
The plan is to walk Jada for an hour and then work on processing and uploading digital images from the last three Photo shoots then go to my apartment and get organized.

4:34pm/ Man!
It’s so hard to get out of this place way too comfortable unlike my normal way of life and the Bus schedule is so haphazard and inconsistent also this “Cell Phone Dead zone” has me in a Fugue. I will go out an wait for the 4:59 bus catch it go home pick up a few things then catch the last bus (7:25pm) back here…like I said it’s really cramping my life style I like the dog but Man!

8:05pm/ Contemplating
Got back early started washing a load of laundry, walked Jada and now what to eat for dinner and should I hang out with Wood when we pick him up at the Airport.

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