Posted by: albfor | August 11, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

8:02am, Satellite cafe, Getting an early start!
Man! Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac passed away this weekend … Heavy. How can that be it’s like I just heard Isaac Hayes on the Radio back home in 1975 performing his soundtrack “Shaft” at Symphony Hall. The mind transcends the concept of time but not the Body… I’d better hurry up … get my life in order.
This place (Satellite Cafe) has so many “moods” depending on the time of day you get here at present I’m alone in here and this part of the place, a small room, looks and feels like a small comfortable living room and is so peaceful and one can contemplate the origins of the Universe. However, by 9am the morning crowd will start blasting in and it will feel hurried, rush and somewhat rowdy.

Anyway, I will process the 4×5 film of the family shots that I took last weekend I have a bunch of them and I have not in the Chem lab in weeks…lots to do.

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