Posted by: albfor | August 13, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008,
8:00am Home Think I will go down to Cafe Ole and vibe for a few hours I need to go some place for a different vibe a positive one that will sight me in the right direction. I will continue on the basic elements for my next composite poster (which will be part of a larger project). This poster is from last week’s shoot of D’Arcy, Marquist and Brandon. The shot was from a little going away for Marquist’s next journey to College.
9:28am Cafe Ole’, wifi access and decompression. This place is a good vibe for me it has an European flair about it and there’s a breeze blowing through that feels as if it’s flowing from some exotic distant shore.
2:00pm Java Company Have to get back on and upload a few images hard to believe it costs $2.95 for a large iced coffee- I don’t even want one.

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