Posted by: albfor | August 17, 2008

Darkroom vibe, processing

Sunday, August 17, 2008
3:38pm Lounge, think I’ll stay here until 4:30pm then catch the EL to Girard avenue ….have to work in the Darkroom tonight. Sarah is there waiting for me to cover…I think.
7:26pm processing Contact sheets of last weeks’ 4×5 shots of D’Arcy and his family have not done any significant processing in months…just contact sheets. When I get some cash I’ll buy the paper that I need for these shots.
9:59pm Processed ten 4″x5″ Black and White FB Contact sheets and will scan them for uploading in a couple days will focus on planning my business schedule. I’m waiting for Tara to finish up in the Color lab and then I’ll close down the labs.
I really have to plan the next two weeks out to the Hour have to line up all my Ducks …can’t afford to lose any.

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