Posted by: albfor | September 30, 2008



Sept 5, 2008 Blood Red Dress 3799

Sept 5, 2008 Blood Red Dress 3799

Tuesday, September 29, 2008, Skinners Dry Goods
8:09pm Man! I thoroughly enjoy my “All you can eat Crabs” at DiNardo’s tonight I ate at least 18 crabs in my one sitting all by myself. I smoked a cigar just for the hell of it afterwords and now I’m at “Skinners Dry Goods” (b/w 2nd & 3rd on Market street) drinking cognac and a pint of beer before I go back uptown.

I can’t believe how early it is and how the darkness of the night has covered everything completely Fall is here.

Well I am committed to taking more night shots now that Fall is here I will plan to shoot at least once a week I will make a “Story book” prior to each shoot.

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