Posted by: albfor | October 29, 2008


Wednesday, October 29, 2008
1:00pm The Java Company – I’ve got to get out of this funky mood must focus on tweaking the business I have to make up my Alliances list and contact my buddies to move forward.

I don’t feel like being with anyone and working with people is like a huge challenge. I’m not returning phone calls….crazy! One of my Clients is being so flaky and had stopped my project…in essence my cash flow tiny as it is I need funds.

Yesterday when I was at Bonte’ I ran into this brother, Torre, who have these Fashion shows at the Sofatel hotel (on 17th and Samson) every Wednesday and we talked about me covering the the events (for free just for the exposure)…may be an opportunity.

I’ve got to finish up the remaining Panoramic images for the Albums that I must have done in two days for uploading. I’ve got to break through this imaginary Wall that constructed in my mind I keep running into it. Some mornings it like so difficult to get out of bed.

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