Posted by: albfor | October 30, 2008

>The Phillies Win!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

1:00pm Bonte‘, 17th and Walnut street, The City went wild last night after the Phillies won the World Series (been 28 years) I was very tempted to jump on the EL with the Crazies and ride downtown to City Hall where all the revellers began to head but I decided to go uptown to West Philly. But every El stop beckoned me to turn back. When the doors opened (46th, 52nd, 56th street) you heard people screaming and chanting “PHILLIES, PHILLIES,PHILLIES,PHILLIES! ” and Car horn, Bus horns the EL horn blaring what a singularity of exhortation of satisfied happiness of the City!

That one shot of Patron and 16oz beer really gave me a hangover from last night. But I needed a diversion, distraction, something to get me somewhere else beside wishing I was with the Masses in Center City.

I did not watch the Barack Obama’s half-hour, multimillion-dollar television infomercial preceding the Phillie’s game last night because I’m tired of the extremism that both parties have been spewing…my mind is made up….. so there! I think that commercial will probably be Obama preaching to the choir anyway.

•4:34pm still here at Bonte‘ they’re playing this Argentine group “Gotan Project” that I must get when I get paid from one of my clients-I hope-soon…been very lean lately learning to be frugal. I’ll start answering my phone calls around 6pm my Ex has been calling for the last three days and more than likely she needs some help with something-for free. NO!

•6:35pm Barnes and Noble / I’m motivated to do some work this whole week I’ve struggling to get things done now things are running a little more smoothly.
Barnes and Noble always have interesting people vibing on the 2nd floor some with plenty of Pathos.

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