Posted by: albfor | November 1, 2008

>Early Saturday morning

November 1, 2008, Saturday
9:30am Satellite Cafe / Woke feeling like I had to get out asap and make some things happen cause I am in need.

Satellite cafe always have interesting people – this neighborhood is so vibrant not much friction nice vibe. Tonight I am going to a birthday party- change my attitude to a positive one for this don’t know why I think I must be entertaining.

•1:00pm / Still here did find the invoice I was looking for will print it up for tonight. I also finally, put together the Sale flyer for my Sony A-200 Kit that I have to sell (because I’m broke) very soon. I’m placing an ad on Craig’s List don’t want to….have to.

1:36pm / Posted the Ad on Craig’s List will leave here in about 20 minutes plan to go over to VIX and check out Emily hope she has good news for me beginning to feel a little stress from Lou- a drag on my mind. I’ll probably go down town for a couple hours.

3:17pm / Reading Terminal, Getting groceries for the week and then back uptown.
The Presidental Elections is in THREE DAYS I hope the vote is on Ability and not on the FACE oh PLEEEEEEEEEASE not the FACE. Man oh man the fear is palpable with some of the people. I’ve been very careful about voicing my political point of view during the last six months but now for the next 3 days I’m wearing my button – a very small button.

Well tonight is Marcie’s birthday party and I am going don’t plan to stay long and I will not bring a camera because that would be Work work that would not be appreciated from the Crew that will be attending.

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