Posted by: albfor | November 2, 2008


Sunday, November 2, 2008,
30th street station, Cosi / Just using the net to download some data I should be here for 30 minutes then I’ll catch the Orange line to Broad and Olney to hook up with John for a Photo shoot it should be fun. I did not buy anything to eat or drink which is unusual…a different time now, huh?

•6:30pm / Cosi, 30th street station/ Back from my Photo shoot it was fun 15 month old Madison was a little irritated but eventually perked up for the occasion it was nice – sometimes I pain myself with that part of life I missed … Family is so important.

I just noticed that on the Cosi’s menu that there is no dinner you can get for under $6.50 and the cheapest drink is over $1.50!

Anyway I’m uploading the digital files that I took of 15 month old Madison I’ll process them more on Tuesday then I’ll print up the Proof book for John and Pam.

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