Posted by: albfor | November 8, 2008

>A nice Dreary Day!

Saturday, November 8, 2008
1:30pm Bon Bons, 2:00pm / I’m still tired and hungover from last night what a bummer. I will answer my emails and then try to do more positive things before going back uptown. It’s a nice dreary day.

Hanging out in Fishtown with Brandi and friends (BJ and Rich) was crazy, interesting and it felt so strange to be in that section of town.

But, before hanging out last night I shot with 3 members of our GRID SQUARE PROJECT from 11am to 3pm in Penny Pack park it was very stimulating I should have been more prepared with supplies though.

I had: 1 Holga Camera, 1 Nikon F3 35 mm camera 1 Sony W-40 digital camera and a 4×5 Speed Graphic camera but very little film.

Usually I stock up for supplies the night before but I was in a funky kind of mood and that mood carried over into the next day, in fact, I could not sleep most of the night so my butt was dragging in the morning and I woke up late.

Anyway getting back to last night activities it was First Friday in the Bohemian parts of town ( Old City, Fishtown, etc) and the plan was to visit as many Galleries as possible but Brandi and I kind of got stuck with our first “Party”. The “Party” was in this new condominium, Memphis Flats, located at 1714 Memphis street in Fishtown and they had a live band playing in the background.

We were like the first people there and it felt a little snobby at first, Brice, the featured Artist, had some interesting Artwork- her technique has promise; she works with colors and patterns that are layered over a previously painted image. What happens next is the underlying paining “bleeds” through the surface. I would have bought something if I had money- yikes.

Brice had these real hot boots on that she said her Mom bought her especially. Well, after drinking a couple of beers she began to look like Emma Peel (one of the two British agents, John Steed being the other) from the Avengers. I imagined her running down halls in Memphis Flats after criminals and diabolical masterminds while still trying to showcase her Art…what an imagination.

Getting back to Memphis Flats, the Loft condominiums that we checked out were one- and two-bedrooms and very streamlined not bad not bad at all. But I would not like to live on the first floors the doors just lead right out to the streets…too easy to access from the streets.

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