Posted by: albfor | November 12, 2008

>Staying on Course, keeping the faith


Wednesday, November 12, 2008
2:30pm Basho/ A very productive day I started early with setting up the Studio at my leisure and then an easy flowing Photo shoot with Alex, she was nice and easy and knew just what to do – the shots came out great I think she has a lot of potential. Once she makes her selections I’ll post them…I hope the Head Shot photos helps her in latest endeavor.

4:38pm Basho/ I’m back to cover for a couple hours, I’ll do as many scans of the Grid project and other shots then go across town to get a quick bite eat around 8:30pm. I have to plan for a Layout tomorrow got to pull up all the files for it when I get home.

8:10pm / still here at Basho and I don’t want to leave I still have much to do.
9:30pm / Pagoda Noodle Cafe, I’m doing a “Take out” and I’m getting carried away with my order I’m suppose to be frugal and stick to my budget but it’s restlessness.

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