Posted by: albfor | November 17, 2008

Winter’s back……

Monday, November 17, 2008

•11:00am PARC / Its a beautiful day nice and cool the weather is how it should be this time of the year. I had an early start I am meeting with a potential client today. I am a little doubtful that he will show up which is why I came down here to Rittenhouse Square (10:00am- 1:00pm is the best time of the day) so that I could work and enjoy the Fall/ Winter view before 1:00pm. I think I’ll stay here (PARC) work on the Web until 12:30pm then walk across the street and enjoy the weather and the snobby crowd for about 30 minutes. I think this week I will do some Photo shoots around the City and maybe Wissahickon Valley.

1:30pm Cosi / Well my Client was a “no show” but I’m still undaunted I have other things to do today like go over to Fishtown later and show Derrick, Coffee House, the Journal program that I”m working on.

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