Posted by: albfor | December 27, 2008

Slightly foggy outside, Cats

Saturday, December 27, 2008
•5:00pm / The holidays are stressful last night was fun but I’m a little tired of it all and the expectations.

I’ve been House sitting for about 8 days now and these two cats are very interesting entities they are nothing like dogs. Dogs will avert their eyes and acknowledge you when you screem at them for a wrong doing.

Jen, the more active of the two cats, jumps on the kitchen table lies down, looks at you and says “Meow, what’s up” all the while pawing my laptop keyboard and rubbing his head against the screen then flicking his tail in my face as if it a very normal thing to do…it drives me crazy!

I think Cats conspire to mess with your head they don’t listen to commands like dogs. Cats look at you with these fixed eyes as if you were a Witches’ Warlock but won’t recognize you without the Stick and the smoke they just have this glacial look. AND if the Cats are pissed with you they let loose with all this fur around you- very bad vibe. I having difficulty with fur in my food and on my clothes.

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