Posted by: albfor | December 28, 2008

>Mid 60’s, Meadering around town

Sunday, December 28, 2008
•4:30pm Devon Seafood Grill (Rittenhouse Square area). What a day of meandering through the city. I walked from Germantown & Girard avenue down 2nd street to 2nd and Market streets at a nice leisurely pace…it was great; too bad I had no one to walk with me.

Fishtown is a very intense area it is up and coming it’s becoming a very hip place to start your life. You got the bohemian, artist, type crowd moving in with the “Down and out” crowd. You have these Warehouses being renovated by individuals and corporations. Fishtown is the new South street. The potential to re-invent yourself and make it happen is much better in this section of town.

Well, getting back to the nice walk I did today it was refreshing, peaceful, a small adventure walking and checking out the little boutiques along the way to Market street. Second street (near Brown) is THE PLACE to be there are Coffee shops, Bars, and a Bowling alley which is so much on Sunday nights.

It took me like 20 minutes to get to Market street and I walked up to 8th street to buy an earring for the one I lost a couple weeks ago.

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