Posted by: albfor | December 30, 2008

>Getting it together for 2009! Stop Addition!

>Tuesday, December 30, 2008

•9:00am Basho/ Gotta keep it going stay on schedule don’t have much time today must work on 2009 Goals. I have a client to see around 1:30pm and then I need to put some cash in my checking account. I plan to go home and see what’s going on in West Philly. I need to pick up my Winter coat for the expected cold weather this week.

•4:00pm Satellite Cafe/ My roomie is a trip and is pulling at straws for help… I can’t help him he believes his lies – very frustrating. I hope he gets help… he’s not listening to me. So I go in the house and he jumps out of the bathroom trying to frighten me- he didn’t. What frighten me was his hair, its grown and the top of his head he has twisted hair patches and the sides are just sticking out- Like Bozo the Clown. I thought to myself that “I should not have left him alone in the house for so many days”! He’s really a broken man now…Gosh! I knew for sure that I was not staying home tonight.

Just made a cash deposit and thought I could get a check from VIX but it was closed for the holidays. I did managed to get a client for Friday so I’ll start the year making some money … must go out and buy groceries like Black eyed peas, rice and smoked neck bones to bring in the year right as tradition dictates.

I have a confession! Since House sitting here in Fishtown for the last two week I’ve gotten an addition and it’s getting very expensive and I can’t seem to stop I’m getting sucked into it I think I might need consultation about it. For the last two weeks I’ve been buying and downloading TV shows and Movies from Itunes and staying up all night watching….its terrible. Also I’ve been ordering a lot of Take out dinners from Pizza shops and expensive restaurants must stop in 2009.

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