Posted by: albfor | December 31, 2008

>Still up! 2:42am

>Wednesday, December 31, 2008

• 2:42am/ Basho I’m still up watching movies and TV shows I need to go to bed like now but I want to watch more movies.

• 10:30am / I stayed up until 4:00am watching the CSI – Crime Scene Investigation series the 9th season I will not do this next year.

It’s windy as Heck outside and the Clouds are just flying past- I have to go out there in about 30 minutes.

•6:20pm / I’m back and there’s lots to do, make Dinner, wash a small load of clothes, polish shoes, pick up two bottles of Champagne and figure out what to wear tonight.

My original plan was to cook Smoked Neck bones, Blackeye peas and rice. I did not have the chance to pick that stuff up so I went back to West Philly to grab stuff out of my freezer (Collard Greens and frozen Alaskan Wild Salmon-Ocean Friendly procured) so now I hooking up a banging dinner for myself before the festivities (hanging out in Fishtown and Kensington with Happi, Steve and Deborah).

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