Posted by: albfor | February 16, 2009

Cat died

Monday, February 16, 2009
• 2:00pm, Bonte, The last few days have been life involving and at times intense. Shizu, Tsyuoshi’s cat, died today around 1:30pm. I was house sitting for the weekend with both cats (Jen and Shizu) and they seemed to be having the best time jumping all over the place meowing and what not; so full of life. Then, today, a cat fur ball, a little hacking, then calamity…Shizu is rushed to the Vet and didn’t come back. Christa and Tsyuoshi looked so forlorn and the day just has not been right.

I had to get out and get some vanilla ice cream with a shot of Espresso here at Bonte’… have not had Ice cream in about a year.

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