Posted by: albfor | March 30, 2009

Walter Mosley

Monday, March 30, 2009, Walter Mosley

I’m feeling like the character Leonid McGill in the Walter Mosley novel “The Long Fall“.   Except I don’t have a wife, kids, Stepkids, or a mistress only very lost needy people.   And I am negotiating the troubles of mid-life in this contemporary Philadelphia living on the rim of poor side of town.

A section of the city that has suffered some serious socio-economical implosions (the well to do people have move out decades ago leaving their possessions and others behind).

The SEPTA renovation project has lasted more than 10 years now and many city blocks are boarded up neglected and/ or occupied by homeless, drug addicted Denizens – not good.

One must stay on constant vigilance when walking the streets – Day or Night.

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