Posted by: albfor | April 13, 2009

Nice Crisp beautiful day and very sunny!

Monday, April 13, 2009 The Day After Easter
8:30am I love this weather it’s a sunny, cool, crisp day and not many people are on the EL or in the Streets because it’s the day after Easter. I plan to get much done today and I do have some goals for this week.

This morning while waiting for the EL on 60th and Market streets, I heard one of the vendors playing an old song “At Last” sung by Etta James and it brought back good vibes of when I was a little Kid in Newark now I hearing it again here at Cafe Satellite… must be a good omen. At last I’ll get my stuff together… yeah that’s the ticket.

I’m drinking a large cup of Java and plan to stay here for a couple of hours then go back uptown.

Last weekend was long with two professional activities (2 photo shoots) and then committed activities with Friends. I went to the Barbery and the Blue Martini Saturday night and was mildly surprised how people “party” in some clubs these days. Watching Guys dance with Guys and Women dancing with Women just for the enjoyment of the music hmmmm. Different times we live in… it’s ok though people are having a good time.

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