Posted by: albfor | October 22, 2009

>Game 5, Phillies


The Piazza was packed with hundreds of Phillies Fans I was only passing through on the way to the “El” but got caught up in the excitement with a few friends that I bumped into.  So much for going home early to work on Prints.

I didn’t not stay long in Fishtown I caught the “El” up to 30th street station near Penn University and was amazed with all the police dressed in riot gear and “Extra” stuff to restrain the anticipated “Revelers” I mean they had Police Wagons and Buses to lock people up in I guess the City remembers last years’ mayhem after the Phils won the title.  All Metal trash cans were already  removed from 30th Street train station to, I guess, the length of Penn University, 10 full city blocks!  And most of the Bars were serving beer in plastic cups during the later innings to prevent them from turning into projectiles outside.  Hmmmmm, what makes a Phillie fan?

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