Posted by: albfor | November 1, 2009

The Mutts Strut : Halloween Day at FDR Park

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Mutts portraitures contact sheet


Mom with daugther and dog

The Mutts Strut : Halloween Day at FDR Park

The 3rd Annual PAWS Mutt Strut, a 1.5-mile scenic walk in FDR Park to raise funds and awareness for PAWS‘ efforts to save Philadelphia’s homeless animals.

Despite the intemperate weather it was a great showing for animal lovers.  It was a tough time for me though, lugging all the old photo equipment and supplies in the rain on Septa ( glad they didn’t Strike) but it was rewarding.

My challenge for the shoot was to use trailing-edge technologies such as analog film (Instant Black & White Film – Fuji Film FP-3000b professional) and a large format camera (a Speed Graphics 4×5 camera 1952 vintage).

The Prints which are produced via chemical processes produces instant black and white positives right on the spot without the benefit of any electronics have, for me, a timeless almost mystical appeal.

I give a print to the client and keep the discarded negative to dry then later at the lab I’ll scan.  The end results of the process (done in Photoshop) are interesting.  Notice the spots and other imperfections which are from the rain, wind and changing ambient temperatures of the day – it sure was a challenging day.


Studio 4x5 Film Speed Graphix Ingrid

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