Posted by: albfor | August 10, 2010

Photomontage for October 2010


It’s been nearly six months since I’ve been on this post (I will be more diligent with my next posting to focus on 4th quarter goals).  I have some photography friends who want to make calendars for 2011 to send to their primary clients and they want use some of my work.   I don’t know where to begin and nothing seems be good enough so instead of a photograph I am considering making a photo montage of elements from some old and new photos that I have not use yet.

It has been years since I worked in Photoshop using many photos to make one photo montage of a concept or idea.

I will start rummaging through my files and use certain elements to add to a visual concept.  I will start contacting models to use in my photo montage and I will review my old journals and complete some of the “Story boards” that I began but never finish.

Yesterday, I shot some preliminary photos with a new model (model #801) and I think I have some ideas that I will use for an October calendar.  Here is the start up image I will work on the shadows, lighting and add in more elements soon.

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