Posted by: albfor | May 12, 2011

May 5, 2011 || RACHEL AND JAMES

Just a few days ago I got together with Rachel & James, around 1:00pm on a rather bright windy day, to walk around the ever popular Love Park for their second engagement session. The story of how they began dating is a classic, but the details I’m not too sure of but the emotions, committment and love was there. It goes a little like, boy meets girl at a party in passing, after the second encounter, girl ask boy out and boy declines, not too long after boy soon comes to his senses and ends up calling girl up one day, this time asking her out. The rest is history as they say. Lucky dog James!

I can’t believe they will be celebrating their wedding the end of this month surrounded by family and friends at the BEAUTIFUL Aquarium in Camden, NJ.   I must admit, since our last photo shoot near Rittenhouse square last fall, they seem to not be wasting time & have everything lined up with their wedding planning since the moment they got engaged (including having their photographer (Meeeeee!) booked a year in advance. Enough talking, enjoy the pictures!

Racheal and James near Love Park

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