Posted by: albfor | June 27, 2011


ENGAGEMENT SHOTS  |  Tony & Rachel   June 26, 2011

A very pleasant photo session for me.  Being NOT the lead photographer I went along as support for fellow photographer George Cordero who drove up from Tennessee for the Sunday photo shoot.

As an Event photographer Sunday is the day of rest for me because of the usually grueling night club activities.  I did not feel like going but I’m happy that I did.  The early morning drive to the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill brought back memories of halcyon days when I was young, “hooked up” and in looooove.

The couple (Rachel and Tony) we photographed were delightful, quiet and full of bless – amazing.

Rachel and Tony sitting near a "Stream"_DSC5448

Rachel and Tony sitting on the stomp of a tree near a "Stream"

Features-of-landscape - Board-2

Features-of-landscape - couple vibing


Fountain's-edge-Don't splash me!

Vista of one perspective of Morris Arboretum_DSC5530

Vista of one perspective of the Morris Arboretum

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