Posted by: albfor | July 7, 2011



Nothing (that I want) to do so I decided to focus on a little self training and walk around for an hour or so photographing.

I planned to shoot at  “f/8 and be there”  with a 35mm lens but then stopped and just thought about the  philosophy of photographing like every documentary, Street Photographer or Photo Journalist.  Most of the time I’m shooting with a 18mm-55mm lens and a flash so shooting in ambient light with a 35mm lens is something that I must force myself to do.

Kiwi fruit for breakfast_DSC0104

Kiwi fruit for breakfast @f8 35mm being there


garden flowers near the walk


Garden tricypt

July-5,-2011-WP Garden-Decay

Garden decay f 1.8 | 35mm

Decay dead Robin_DSC0119

Decay dead Robin

Most documentary photography is done on the 35mm based systems using a 35mm lens. It’s a classic focal length for the kind of work I wanted to do.  The 35mm field of view gives one enough space on the frame to allow the inclusion of the local environs, helping story telling without too much field distortion with its moderately wide angle.   SO, what’s the story I’m telling today?   I’M BORED!


  1. You should’ve called me 🙂


    • lol
      you so busy I’ll call your secretary.


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