Posted by: albfor | July 17, 2011

Global Fusion Festival week


Global Fusion Festival week was a serious blast at Penn’s Landing.  For the 5th year, Philly brings the world together again at Penn’s Landing Great Plaza with electrifying non-stop entertainment and diverse interaction of the ‘urban experience’ I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Brenda Star performs on the Stage

Brenda Star DSC_8148

Brenda Star sings to the crowd

Maino Jermaine Coleman, better known by his stage name Maino, the American rapper from Brooklyn, New YorkDSC_8185

Maino raps to the crowd


Maino Jermaine Coleman


Estelle the female UK hip-hop artist and producer

Estelle DSC_8253



pan into Shurwayne Winchester from Trinidad


Shurwayne is high energy


Shurwayne is... Crazy!

Melanie Fiona DSC_8651

Melanie Fiona, the Canadian R&B singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada


Melanie Fiona gets down


Melanie Fiona controls the audience

Melanie Fiona backup singers, Star &

Melanie Fiona backup singers, Star and ...

FOR A COMPLETE VIEW of all the images from this event please select the albums in the right column of this blog it will link you to the photos.

This festival was a week long themed “Carnival” representing the explosion of culture, color and celebrations that takes place annually throughout the world it celebrates Philadelphia’s diverse African Diaspora, Hispanic, Caribbean and Asian cultures joining to showcase their unity.

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