Posted by: albfor | July 31, 2011

Jul 30, 2011 Sir Charles Barkley


Last night’s assignment (2 long hours) at the Public House was pretty quiet (but how would I know I left at 11:00pm) people started queuing up at the door when I packed up my equipment.

I had to make it cross town to meet up with a friend but then received a text to check out the Marathon Grill (19th and Market) then another text to meet at the Green Room.  I made it to the Grill grabbed a few images then headed to Walnut street and just happened to run into “Sir Charles Barkley” he “granted” me “one shot” I got it … I never made it to the “Green Room“.

Woman waiting in front of the Public House DSC_0093

Woman waiting in front of the Public House

WP |  July 27, 2011 24 minutes Marathon

The Southern Comfort Girls and the crew

Public House Good Friends 0139

Public House Good Friends


Marathon Grill – the “In crowd” beginning to gather

Charles Barkley 0170

“Sir Charles Barkley” on 18th and Walnut streets


People on Walnut & 18th street waiting to talk to Barkley

Lisa and Jennifer 0178

Two beautiful stylish women near Rittenhouse square


  1. nice.

    Thank you! : )


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