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During hurricane Irene’s presence moisture, humidity, wind and temperature is perfect climate for mushrooms growth.  Mushrooms grow fast within a short period of time and don’t last long (yesterday’s growth is already gone) only the hardy varieties still stand.  The tropical weather that precedes and follows hurricane Irene encourages mushroom growth (particularly psychedelic mushrooms and especially the psilocybin — or “magic” kind — the ones that cause hallucinations). It appears that the mushrooms spores are spread by the wind and end up any and everywhere there is tree bark and moisture.

"Magic Mushrooms" 08270953_1

Nothing left just a peculiar evasive man (no taller than a small child) with a beard clad in a red coat, green hat and great shoes.

Before the storm last weekend, walking past a large tree, I saw in the darkness (in the folds of the trunk and foliage) a flurry of activity of insects and bumblebees, buzzing about a colony of slightly bluish white mushrooms. Being in a rush to get home it didn’t register that they were Fairies and ‘Wee Folk’ hiding and waiting to harvest the ‘crops’ until just before I went to sleep. The thought woke me up I spent the majority of the night thinking hard about going out to photograph the situation and decided on caution to wait the storm out.


Myriad varieties of mushrooms "pop up" during tropical season

Leprechaun stools' and or "Wee Folk's" houses

The next day after the storm I ventured out to document (photograph) the activities of the “Wee Folk”.  Mother nature was putting things back to “Normal” and the proliferation of mushrooms was diminishing I found that the colony of ‘Magic mushrooms’ were gone.  I didn’t see any ‘fairies’ or ‘Wee Folk’ to photograph just the remnants of mother nature and bumble bees ferrying “angle dust’ from hibiscus to hibiscus which left me a little sad and disappointed.

Aug 28, 2011-Storm-&-Mushroom-3-Board Bumble Bees

Bumble bees are the favorite 'work horses' of "Wee Folk"

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