Posted by: albfor | October 20, 2011

Teuscher Chocolates


At the Daniel Stern William-Sonoma event I had a chance meeting to run into Bruce Goldberg (owner of Teuscher Chocolates) who was there supporting his wife, Elaine I. Grobman (who is a two time survivor from cancer and Chief Executive Officer of the philadelphia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure) was being honored.  I asked Bruce for a business card and he told me to stop by his store after I was done with my assignment and he would give me one.

Well, when I got there I just had to take a few photographs because of the colorful displays and chocolate presentation.

Oct 19, 2011  Teuscher Chocolates DSC_6995

Teuscher Chocolates

As I focused my lens on the chocolates behind the glass case the dark chocolate truffles began beckoning me and the white confectioner’s sugar coated nougats flickered on and off provocative gestures to come hither.  It took 110% of my fortitude to refrain from the impulses- which I did.

Oct 19, 2011  Teuscher Chocolates DSC_6998

Teuscher Chocolate | Try this one.

THEN, I heard the Siren’s call – it was Bruce Goldberg saying “Here, you must try this trifle Big Boy (I thought it was Mae Wes) … I insist!”.  What do you say to the Chocolate Authority? I opened my mouth to say “No” but the next I knew my tastebuds  were savoring melted, yummy, indescribable flavors and sensations.  I did not realize I was depressed it made my day.  I have not have chocolate in a very long time.

Oct 19, 2011  Teuscher Chocolates Bruce Goldberg (owner of Teuscher Chocolates)

Bruce Goldberg owner of Teuscher Chocolates

Oct 19, 2011  Teuscher Chocolates Bruce Goldberg DSC_7020

Teuscher Chocolates Bruce Goldberg ... going for the "kill" with these OMG

Red Bag DSC_7028

Red Bag with chocolate "gems"

FOR A COMPLETE VIEW OF ALL THE IMAGES from this event please select the “Oct 19, 2011 Daniel Stern Williams – Sonoma Teuscher Chocolates Album in the right column of this picture weblog it will link you to the images.


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