Posted by: albfor | November 1, 2011



On a cold lonely wet night last year sometime in November 2009 I was working on a personal photo project with a Pinhole camera and I captured an image of the east side entrance (18th & Walnut street) of Rittenhouse square.


Nov 2009 Rittenhouse-Square Pinhole photo

The resulting image was ghost like, lights from cars and buses left whispery light trails, wet streets mirrored cloudy celestial stars like the Milky way flowing across a desert midwestern sky . The Holiday lights in the park were a like trillion asterisks merging and whispering ~ it occurred to me that I wasn’t lonely anymore.

I used a 4×5 sheet Film (Ilford 125) and exposed it in, basically, a small wooden, light sealed box, with a small hole in it the size of a needle.  I exposed the film for about 20 seconds.  Because of the “limited” nature (camera obscura) of this type of photography you can barely see the dark silhouettes of the High rise buildings (I think: The Savoy, The Dorchester and the Wanamaker house) on the other side of the park.

Upcoming on November 29th 2011:    Christmas Tree Lighting in Rittenhouse Square Park


  1. Great shot Al, makes me miss the “Square”.


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