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Saturday night at the Bala Golf Club an organization called TEENSHOP INC. held it’s first Annual Teenshop GALA which was inspiring, refreshing and edifying for me.  It is great to see young women with a positive sense of purpose and direction. All the young ladies were there to party with a purpose. Each woman (in keeping with Teenshop’s mission to make a difference in the community) brought unwrapped gifts and toys to be donated to the Philadelphia People’s Emergency Center for the Holiday season.

Dec 17, 2011 Brittany Paris & Felicia Harris

Brittany Paris & Felicia Harris with an award

Dec 17, 2011 Felicia Harris,Tiffany Marie Sheppard, Nicole Alston & Ellenor Jean Hendley

Felicia Harris,Tiffany Marie Sheppard, Nicole Alston & Elleanor Jean Hendley

Dec 17, 2011 Yasmine Toaner

Bala Golf Club | Yasmine Toaner with toys

Teenshop, Inc., founded in 1985, is one of the nation’s longest running week-end empowerment programs dedicated exclusively to the positive development of adolescent girls. Students 13 to 18 who are not teen parents are eligible to join.

Dec 17, 2011 Teenshop 2011 Gala DSC_6497

Bala Golf Club | Teenshop 2011 Gala committee

Dec  17, 2011 Elleanor Jean Hendley

Bala Golf Club | Elleanor Jean Hendley

Elleanor Jean Hendley, an Emmy Award-winning former CBS 3 Eyewitness News education reporter and talk show producer/host, and a former public school teacher. Teenshop was the catalyst for Girls Achieve, a school day program created in 2005 to empower middle school girls.  TEENSHOP, INC. has enrolled more than three thousand girls and all graduates go to college or professional schools. GIRLS ACHIEVE , has empowered hundreds of girls in the School District of Philadelphia.

FOR A COMPLETE VIEW OF ALL THE IMAGES from this event please select the “DEC 17, 2011 TEENSHOP ALUMNAE 2011 GALA” album in the right column of this picture weblog it will link you to the images.  You can also select this link : DEC 17, 2011 “TEENSHOP ALUMNAE 2011 GALA” to see the images.


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