Posted by: albfor | January 29, 2012


Pre-Party  |  The Academy of Music’s 155th Anniversary

January 28, 2012, Saturday.  The Central committee for The Philadelphia Orchestra welcomed guest as they honor the Academy of Music’s 155th Anniversary Concert and Ball at the third annual pre-party cocktail reception at Tiffany & Co.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bleiman, Johnathan Sterberg, Dr. Janice Gordon with Joseph & Bernice Koplin


TIFFANY & CO.   |   Lisa Gaudio & Jimmy Kazanjian

Jan-28,-2012 Pre-Party Reception Academy Ball | TIFFANY & CO.-Dou-a

Jan 28, 2012, Tiffany McCauley, Anita Leto with husband & Nicole Cashman with Nigel Richards

Tiffany McCauley, Anita Leto & husband with Nicole Cashman & Nigel Richards

Review this link to see some of the images:  Jan 28, 2012 Pre-Party Reception Academy Ball.

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