Posted by: albfor | February 11, 2012


Friday    |  151 N. THIRD STREET

Grand opening launch of Kaleidoscope Boutique. Very good turn out beautifully dressed fashion conscious trendsetters. Great accessories with culture and imagination. Lots of sky high Christian Louboutins.


Taliah, Tisha, Shanice and Camille Avent | Irina V.Mitchell Kaleidoscope Boutique


Kaleidoscope | David McGee (Brulee Catering) with Pricilla B. (Fashionista)

Feb 10, 2012 Kaleidoscope Boutique Launch DSC_2683

Kaleidoscope Boutique Launch

Please review this link to see some of the images from this event: Feb 10, 2012 Launch of Kaleidoscope Boutique.

Feb-10,-2012-Kaleidoscope-Dou-board-c Jill & Dara

Kaleidoscope | Jill and Dara | Party

Feb 10, 2012 Kaleidoscope Boutique, Store-mgr-Robin_2537

Kaleidoscope Boutique | Store Manager Robin

Feb-10,-2012-Irina-board  | Irina V.Mitchell Kaleidoscope Boutique

Irina V.Mitchell | Kaleidoscope Boutique

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