Posted by: albfor | March 11, 2012

Mar 10, 2012 Please Touch Museum | Fairmount Park

Mar 10, 2012  |   The 2012 Red Ball Gala

SATURDAYMONUMENT HALL, another spectacular event the Red Cross’ Red Ball Gala 2012  began and ended with panache; gowns and tuxedos were everywhere with generous sampling of the area’s best food and drink.

Mar 10, 2012 The Red Ball Gala 2012 151-DSC_9393

The Red Ball Gala 2012


The 2012 Red Ball Gala Tricip A


Holly Nelson, violinist | Debi Jaye Morgan, Suzanne Glass & Jana Challenger

Mar 10, 2012 Red-Ball-Whirling-Dervish-fem-_9369

Red Ball 2012 whirling dervish fem


Jillian Particia Pirtle (Miss Pennsylvia/ Essence) | Lorina Marshal-Blake & Orville Coxen

FOR A COMPLETE VIEW OF ALL THE IMAGES from this event please select this link or the “Mar 10, 2012 Red Ball Gala 2012” Album in the right column of this picture weblog it will link you to the images.

S L I D E   S H O W   O F   T H E   I M A G E S



    thank you so much for the exposure!!!


    • You’re welcome Perry! I like your site.

      ~ Al


    • Hi Perry,

      You’re Welcome!


  2. […] It’s not too great to look at from the outside but once inside you’re pleasantly surprised and with the right crowd quickly begin to have a good time.  Parkside Banquet hall has a full-service bar with all of the amenities, two fabulous floors with three luxury banquet rooms and is a few blocks away from Monument Hall. […]


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