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Feb 13, 2013 The Young Friends of The PMA at the Stratus Rooftop Lounge


HOTEL MONACO.  Last night The Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art gathered to hold their annual press party for this years Winter Gala: A Great and Might benefit.  It was a positive effort to drive ticket sales before the Gala and to meet new “Friends” with light fair, cocktails, and networking.  This is the first time The Young Friends held a cocktail contest with one of their Alcohol Sponsors, Black Velvet Toasted Caramel Whisky.


The Young Friends of The PMA  |  Stratus Rooftop Lounge

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Feb 13, 2013  The Young Friends of The PMA at the Stratus Rooftop Lounge

The Stratus Rooftop Lounge  |  Laura Rubino and Marshall Yang

The STRATUS Rooftop Lounge is luxurious and a cool place to “disappear” in the sky in one of it’s two private dining rooms the Vapor Pavilion and Mist Pavilon (40 capacity each); you must check it out.  The layouts of the rooms are images from out of Architectural Digest that are comfort zones of laid back aesthetics; inviting retreats to serious daytime or night  “Thought Sessions” for the “In Crowd“.

For a complete view of the images or to order prints and digital downloads from this event please select this link or the “Feb 13, 2013  The Young Friends of The PMA at the Stratus Rooftop Lounge” album in the right column of this photo weblog.

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