Posted by: albfor | May 3, 2013

May 2, 2013 Suitsupply Opening Party – IT’S RAINING MEN


THURSDAY.  Look out Walnut street there’s a hot new swanky mens suit store (4300 square foot) called Suitsupply on 16th and Locust street and it was packed from wall to wall with men checking out the store for the grand opening last night.

Suitsupply interior DSC_0483


May 2, 2013 Suitsupply Opening Party! 1601 Locust Street

Suitsupply Opening Party  |  1601 Locust Street

Working with an inspiring color palette of rich indigos, denim, linen and aged cottons in light and sun-washed hues the salesmen in this Locust Avenue corner store  will take you to the next level of mens fashion.


CLASS  | STYLE | Greek Master tailor Ted Tzimkas (been in the business 40+ years) makes sure you get the perfect “cut”.

For a complete view of the images or to order prints and digital downloads from this event please select the “May 2, 2013 Suitsupply Opening Party” album in the right column of this photo weblog.


Good times

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