Posted by: albfor | June 14, 2013

Jun 13, 2013 The 1968 Exhibit At The Constitution Center


THURSDAY. Celebrating all things peace, love and freedom the Constitution Center had a special opening party for the museum’s summer exhibition called The 1968 Exhibit.   During the ‘60s-inspired Retro-Rama party, guests experienced a walk down “a shag carpet” memory lane for a groovy keepsake photo opportunity by Peter van Beever Photography.

Jun 13, 2013 The 1968 Exhibit At The Constitution Center, DSC_5753

The 1968 Exhibit |  Lee and Andrew Sequeira trying out the Furniture

The 1968 Exhibit, DSC_5757

The 1968 Exhibit


The 1968 Exhibit | Jack and Fredda London  | Karen Kennedy Fink & Earl Rutter

The cover band Strictly ‘60s

The cover band Strictly ‘60s |  Cari Feiler Bender (Relief Communications) Vibing on the couch

The cover band Strictly ‘60s entertained with popular hits from this fantastic era of the “Baby Boomers”.  Opening June 14, The 1968 Exhibit brings one of America’s most colorful, culture-shifting years to life. Tickets and info:

For a complete view of the images or to order prints and digital downloads from this event please select the “Jun 13, 2013 The 1968 Exhibit At The Constitution Center”  exhibit in the right column of this photo weblog.

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