Posted by: albfor | August 17, 2013

Aug 15, 2013 Rittenhouse Hill’s Backyard Bash!



THURSDAY.  Another one of Post Brother’s properties with fantastic possibilities. With clear skies, beautiful personalities and great food Rittenhouse Hill’s backyard bash was lots of fun and a great success.  The new apartment building complex backyard has all the amenities (bocce ball, basket ball court, Infinity pool and great open space) and is super pet friendly.

Aug 15, 2013 Rittenhouse Hill Backyard Bash!DSC_2048

Aug 15, 2013 Rittenhouse Hill Backyard Bash!


Rittenhouse Hill’s Backyard Bash

With the complex and being up on the Hill (600 W. Harvey Street) you get fantastic sunsets. If you like to walking and jogging Lincoln drive and the Forbidden drive is nearby.

TO VIEW OF ALL THE IMAGES from this event please select this link or the “Aug 15, 2013 Rittenhouse Hill’s Backyard Bash!“  in the right column of this picture weblog it will link you to the images.

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