Posted by: albfor | September 15, 2013

Sep 12, 2013, The Dennis Farm, Symposium and Outdoor Field Tour

THURSDAY.   Far, far away from Philadelphia heading Northeast in the further most section of Pennsylvania (Susquehanna County) is a borough called Montrose which consists of rolling hills, clear lakes, and mountain streams with an abundance of natural resources.  Montrose is an old town and looks a little like some of the old New England towns; large colonial style houses.


The Dennis Farm  |  Symposium and Outdoor Field Tour  | Denise Dennis | Perkins-Dennis Cemetery  | 2  African American Veterans of the Revolutionary War | elaborate stone walls

Montrose, according to local historians played a significant role in the Northern Trail of the Underground Railroad.  About 30 minutes away from Montrose is a, not easily accessible, 153 acre bucolic verdant farm called the Dennis Farm, purchased in 1793 by Prince Perkins, a free African American, has for over 200 years and 7 generations been owned and preserved by the Dennis Family.

The history of Prince Perkins and the Dennis Family is simply astounding in a time when free African Americans represented less than 1% of the population during “The Peculiar institution” in American history.

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