Posted by: albfor | September 17, 2013

Sep 16, 2013 Global Philadelphia 2013 Opening Ceremony


THREE LOGAN SQUARE.  On a super beautiful clear evening ,50 stories above the city,  innovators and city leaders met for the 2013 Global Philadelphia Opening Ceremony.

The-City_Panorama-from the Bell Atlantic Tower

The City | Panoramic view from the Bell Atlantic Tower

Jack Ferguson (President & CEO),, Mayor Michael Nutter |Jennifer Faure Fancis (Exe Dir. of Marketing), Jenea Robinson (Media Relations Mgr), Veronica Wentz (gptmc, Dir of Partnership Marketing and ) |Ed Grose (Exe Dir, Greater Philadelphia Hotel Assoc), Greg Stafford (The Inn At Penn, General Manager), Nancy Gilboy and Brent J. Martin (General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel)

Aasmaa Lahlou,  Jack Ferguson, Kate Marlys, Natalia Gamarra, Zabetha Teelucksingh, Mayor Michael Nutter, Jennifer Faure Fancis, Jenea Robinson, Veronica Wentz, Ed Grose, Greg Stafford, Nancy Gilboy and Brent J. Martin, Ute Kraidy, Tahija Vikalo, Krista Bard

To view all the images or to order prints and digital downloads please select this link or the “Sep 16, 2013  Global Philadelphia 2013 Opening Ceremony” album in the right column of this photo weblog.

GlobalPhilly ™ 2013 is a unique 47- day exposition running from September 15th to November 1st.  There will be dozens of activities events, and resources, each of which reflects a uniquely international facet of the Greater Philadelphia region. Please go to this GlobalPhilly ™ 2013 link to get all the details.


  1. […] of activities, events and resources reflecting the international facets of the Philadelphia region GlobalPhilly ™2013 had a small Closing party at ONE Liberty Place; there’s great things ahead for […]


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