Posted by: albfor | November 8, 2013

Nov 7, 2013 Stratus 1st Birthday Party


HOTEL MONACO.  Last night  STRATUS Rooftop Lounge , the luxurious and cool place to “disappear” in the sky celebrated its first birthday with good friends. DJ Eddie Tully kicked it up a notch and turned the party out; lovely. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRATUS!


Stratus’ 1st Birthday Party  | Chad Boonswang, Tony Piazza and Sean Lyerly (Hotel Monaco)  |  Sara LaBate, Carmen Lennon and Stacey Thomas  |  Ed Wiegand and Julie Abramson  |  Nikoletta Fotiadis, Lisa Payton, Meagan Kearney and Betsy Shoustal  | Taso Spiropolos, Danielle Pistory, Shannon James and Terry Jue  | Elaine Grabar, Tempa Berish, Nicole Cashman and Jill Rizen

For a complete view of the images or to order prints and digital downloads from this event please select this link or the “Nov 7, 2013 Stratus 1st Birthday Party” album in the right column of this photo weblog.


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