Posted by: albfor | October 19, 2014

Oct 12, 2014 When does Fall begins?


CHANGE.  In 2014, the autumnal equinox brought the fall season to Philadelphia on September 22 at 10:29 P.M. EDT.  BUT, in many of our hearts and minds it starts the moment the air gets cooler, the leaves start changing colors, people start slipping into sweaters and start sipping on overpriced pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.


Walking  | FALL  Vibrant Reds/ Brick Red

It’s October and the weather is changing now is the time to get out capture the moment and look cool wearing fall colors.

Fashion Fall colors for 2014
Cranberry, Camel, Bronze, Teal, Mustard, Sangria, Navy Blue, Mauve, Light Sage and Pumpkin

Matching colors
Denim & Wine, Olive & Gold, Grey & Mustard, Melon & Teal, Tiffany Blue & Brown, Goldenrod & Wine, Black & Blue, Denim & Chartreuse,

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