Posted by: albfor | July 13, 2015

Jul 3-5, 2015 July 4th Weekend @ The Barnes Foundation

FRIDAY/ SUNDAY |  2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway

4TH OF JULY WEEKEND. Good quiet weekend at the Barnes Foundation.


THE BARNES FOUNDATION | Lewis Nash (Drummer), Diane Monroe (Violin), James King (Bass) | April Himelright, Donny Himelright, Ashley Corbett | Susan Stukes, Roy Collins, Barry Frye, Deborah Camp-Frye |Eric Nzerrlee, Miller ParkerJacqueline Monique, Brandon GeterAlexa Santos, Jane Brinks | Karen Fan, Meredith Lis, Mark Dent, Kristy Leong | Sandy Ramsue, Marshall Ramsue | Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus


THE BARNES FOUNDATION  |  Rengade Company – Cognition Condenser

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