Posted by: albfor | September 17, 2015

Sep 15, 2015 MenzFit Socks & Scotch Fundraiser


12TH & MARKET STREET.   Tuesday evening MENZFIT’S had a “SOCKS & SCOTCH” Fundraiser  at RESTAURANT THIRTEEN to help support its new office space in Philadelphia.

RESTAURANT THIRTEEN  | MenzFit Socks & Scotch Fundraiser

RESTAURANT THIRTEEN | MenzFit Socks & Scotch Fundraiser

The Committee

Michael E. Andrus, Greg Star, Bill Shipp, Calvin Purnell, Jr., Rhonda E. Willingham, Vernon Ray, Amanda Giddings Dana, Michael S. Winsey, Marvin S. Haber

MENZFIT  provides interview appropriate clothing, career development and financial literacy services for low-income men returning to work.  MenzFit is a 501 (c)(3)non-profit designated organization that prepares disadvantaged men for the workforce through skills training, interview appropriate clothing, career development, financial literacy, men’s health, fatherhood, cultural events and faith.  These services has lead to more permanent, unsubsidized employment and stability that will stretch far beyond the reach and lifetime of each man.

Over the last eight years, MENZFIT has demonstrated great capacity and success, as they were able to assist 978 men, of which 46% (450) remain employed.  This success has contributed an estimated $8,040,600 in taxable income (based on an average salary of $17,868) to local, state and federal tax base.

For a view of the images or to order prints from this event please select this link or the “Sep 15, 2015 MenzFit Socks & Scotch Fundraiser” album in the right column of this blog it should link you to the photo album.

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