Posted by: albfor | November 6, 2015

Nov 5, 2015 Project 440-Cocktail Party at Bar Volver

BAR VOLVER.  Loyal patrons of the music community gathered and enjoyed networking and the music of young musicians performing for Project 440.

Emmanuel Houndo, Rose Bar Volver | Keenan, Joe Conyers, Jon Fink, Sofia Rabate, Zebadiah Coombs

Bar Volver | Joe Conyers and Johnathan Fink with students Emmanuel Houndo, Rose Keenan, Sofia Rabate, and Zebadiah Coombs.

Through music, Project 440 seeks to educate, encourage, and empower young people.

Project 440 provides workshops and seminars, which are constructed around innovative pedagogy, offering industry specific mentoring to musicians throughout the region. For more information select this link.

To view all the images or to order prints and digital downloads please select this link or the “Nov 5, 2015 Project 440-Cocktail Party at Bar Volver” album in the right column of this photo weblog.

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