Posted by: albfor | March 26, 2016

Mar 24, 2016 Champagne 101 Social at Stratus Lounge


STRATUS ROOFTOP LOUNGE.  A fun wine seminar get together entitled “Champagne 101 Social” where guests had the opportunity to “Learn & Drink” with master sommelier Emily Wines then “Drink & Forget” with their closest friends on top of the Hotel Monaco.

Mar-24,-2016-Champagne-101-Social-at-Stratus-Lounge-Long-board 1

STRATUS ROOFTOP LOUNGE  | Marcus Allen (CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters) with his son |Chris Yaracs, Therese Allison, Mark Mullineaux | Rosyln Pilla, Michael Adler | Lauren Colabelli, Lauren Nelson | Jemma Gyger, Randyl Case, Kirstin Thomson, Haley Samsi

Ms. Wines is the master sommelier and wine director at Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.


VAPOR PAVILION |   Pasqualina Sposato, Franco Sposato, Josh Demarco | Elaine Grabar, Cherokee McFadden, Jill Rizen, Michelle Ranieri, Lauren Colabelli, Lauren Nelson | Kristin Huxta Bradley  | Herb Reid, Caroly Johnson, Giovannia Slaughter

Portion of ticket sales went to Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence region.

For a view of a few images from this event please select this link or the “Mar 24, 2016 Champagne 101 Social at Stratus Lounge” in the right column of this picture weblog it will link you to the images.

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